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Vets4Warriors: peer-to-peer support for service members and their families


There are plenty of reasons to contact Vets4Warriors. Here are just a few:

  • They provide Active Duty Service members, National Guard and Reserve members and their families worldwide with peer-to-peer support.¬†Peer-to-peer support is available to Service members 24/7, and is toll-free throughout the U.S.
  • Their call center is staffed with Veterans and family members representing all branches of service.
  • Their Veterans have been there and understand the problems unique to military life and know your benefits and resources.
  • The call center’s Veterans provide information and referrals as needed.
  • They will assist you in setting a plan to overcome adversity, manage stress, and build resilience.
  • Their family peers are trained to assist families, caregivers and survivors with their challenges and concerns with support and referrals.
  • They provide peer support and follow up for those with ongoing concerns. For those in crisis we will connect you with the Military Crisis Line.
  • Your call is confidential. Their Veterans do not discuss calls with anyone and if callers choose, they can remain anonymous.

Reach out to them via telephone (855-838-8255), email or visit the website to chat now!